The overall topic of the 2010 BEB awards was "Paths to a successful European business model". We honored German companies and managers who have remained strong despite the crisis and pursued a successful path.

European Award for Corporate and Environmental Responsibility Christian Streiff Christian Streiff, CEO of PSA Peugeot Citroën, was presented with the "European Award for Corporate and Environmental Responsibility". The jury explicitly honored both Streiff's personal commitment and that of the company he represents. In the view of the jurors, "he provides the rare example of a truly European management career". Having grown up close to the Franco-German border, Streiff went on to hold positions in Italy, France and Germany. He speaks German, English and Italian in addition to his native French. Christian Streiff's strategic decisions have been instrumental in sharpening one of PSA Peugeot Citroën's key competitive advantages: the Group’s 3 European leadership in environmental friendly cars with low CO2-emissions.
Outstanding contribution to German-French business relations Joël Saveuse The award for a manager who has made an outstanding contribution to German-French business relations went to Joël Saveuse, a member of the Management Board of Metro AG. Cooperation between Germany and France is the cornerstone of modern Europe. "However, this cooperation will work only if it is lived out in society – not least in business," the jury noted. In the course of the competition, the jury became convinced of Joël Saveuse's profound personal commitment to the cause of close German-French cooperation. Saveuse has worked alternately in France and Germany since 1973. "His personality has made him an ambassador for France in Germany, but equally an ambassador for Germany in France," the jury asserted.
Growth and outstanding management performance in response to the global economic crisis Fresenius SE Fresenius SE, a German healthcare group with a global reach, won the prize for growth and outstanding management performance in response to the global economic crisis. Growth is a strategic necessity. Forward-looking managers set themselves apart from the crowd by moving quickly to counter crisis situations. Fresenius SE is second to none in the way it meets these criteria. "Even in recent months, solid financing, an intelligent acquisition strategy and the astute expansion of its innovative capabilities have made Fresenius SE crisis-proof," the jury said in stating the reasons for its choice. The company was thus able to report excellent figures for fiscal 2008 and a positive outlook for the current year.

Führungstreffen Wirtschaft 2013

Führungstreffen Wirtschaft 2013

Das Führungstreffen der Süddeutschen Zeitung zum Motto 2013:
"Strategien für mehr Wachstum"


Follow up: 2012

In 2012, we honored German companies and managers that have achieved outstanding success. Click here to watch videos of the event and interviews with the award winners. Site


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