In 2011, we honored German companies and managers that have achieved outstanding success in Asia and the ASEAN-5 countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – in particular.

Success in Asia -
best large corporation
DHL For DHL, the jury highlighted the company's strong presence in the ASEAN 5 economies as well as throughout Asia as a whole, where it now employs more than 55,000 people. DHL has become market leader in its core segments of express delivery and logistics. In the ASEAN 5 countries, it has around 20 subsidiaries that together employ nearly 10,000 staff. The company has already won a number of awards in the region itself that testify to its market leadership. The jury also pointed out that, in Asia in particular, DHL has made sustainability a top priority.
Success in Asia -
best mid-sized company
TÜV SÜD AG Here, the jury was particularly impressed by the company's extremely rapid development and broad presence in Asia. TÜV SÜD didn't venture into the Asian market until 1997 but now operates in all the ASEAN 5 countries and throughout the rest of the region. Its roughly 4,000 employees are based in 14 different Asian countries. Key to this success has been a clever M&A strategy for market entry and a rigorous approach to strengthening its market position in the ASEAN economies. The jury also noted that the company had diversified intelligently. It now offers special services in the consumer sector that are geared to the industrial structure of Southeast Asia.
Success in Asia - best manager Jochen Zaumseil Jochen Zaumseil took the award for best manager in the "Success in Asia" category. Over the past seven years of Zaumseil's leadership, L'Oréal has doubled its sales in Asia – growing an average of 15% per year to reach the current sales figure of more than EUR 3 billion. In China alone, he oversaw earnings of more than EUR 1 billion last year. Zaumseil's success is, above all, based on pushing for a long-term and consistent alignment with the specific needs of Asian consumers. The jury praised Jochen Zaumseil as a shining example of a successful European management style.
Growth Strategy in Asia
- best manager
Dr. Dieter Zetsche Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche received the manager award in the "Growth Strategy in Asia" category. The jury pointed out that Zetsche had put Daimler's Asian business on a completely new footing, thanks to a rigorous and strategic realignment. In Asia, the company has now been growing significantly faster than the market as a whole. Thus, Mercedes-Benz achieved 115% growth in China, recording the fastest growth among the luxury brands. The jury argued that thanks to a sound strategy, this strong growth record had not been achieved at the expense of quality and profitability.

Führungstreffen Wirtschaft 2013

Führungstreffen Wirtschaft 2013

Das Führungstreffen der Süddeutschen Zeitung zum Motto 2013:
"Strategien für mehr Wachstum"


Follow up: 2012

In 2012, we honored German companies and managers that have achieved outstanding success. Click here to watch videos of the event and interviews with the award winners. Site


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